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Can you really make money with this tool? Yes.

The problem? It is so easy to create code with AdSense Google ads and put it up on your blog or Website. Perhaps the fact that it is free for all doesn't help. Next thing you hear are people saying they can't make money with Google AdSense or the amount of Google AdSense Revenue they can generate is so minimal that it doesn't make sense to use.

It's sad.

Especially when adding just a couple of tricks will make real and lasting differences. Here are some things to keep in mind for your AdSense revenue success.

1. The Size Of Your Google Ads Matter

The default that seems most logical when creating your AdSense Ads is either a full banner across the top or bottom of your web page or a 250 x 250 square ad that you put in the upper left of your page. After all, that's what everyone else does, why not you?

I'll tell you why not.

People who browse the web are unconsciously geared to expect ads of certain sizes and shapes in specific areas on pages they visit that contain advertising. Therefore, the more you mix things up and make uniquely friendly pages for people to visit the greater the chance that you will catch the attentions of your readers.

2. The Power Of Color & Google AdSense Revenue
Going with the default values of Google AdSense you find yourself with ads having white backgrounds. This works fine if you happen to be using Website backgrounds that are all white. If not, taking the time to match your Google ads background and borders with your page will help to increase clicks.

Or you can put the shoe on the other foot and go with ad colors that are uncomplimentary to your given Website. Do this right, and the ads practically pop off the page begging to be clicked.

Whichever way you choose I would generally recommend keeping the links for your ads blue as that is the color that is most commonly used for links. That is the very reason I rarely change the color of links within my Adsense ads or on my Websites.

3. People Don't Want AdSense Ads Shoved Down Their Throats
I've heard some people say that your ads need to go here or they're on your Website. To a certain point they are correct. What works in offline ads often does the same online. Draw an imaginary "Z" on your monitor's screen. Where the path of the "Z" is at is where you want your ads to fall on the page.

However, and this is a big however.

This is a rule of thumb; it is not the law of the land. When creating pages with any ads let alone Google AdSense Ads it is better to put them in places that make sense and complement your pages rather than doing what everyone else is doing simply because it is what everyone else is doing.

Now that you know EZ secrets for Google AdSense success, let me leave you with some ideas on where to put these ads.

There are the standard answers...
* Blogs
* Websites
Or you can use services like...
* Associated Articles
* Hub Pages
* EzineArticles
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