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Jim Karter, "Infolinks Rocks as [Competitor] Alternative"

"...So I moved my biggest sites from [Competitor] to infolinks. Infolinks is making me at-least 3 times of what [Competitor] is making me in CPC model. My recent eCPM with infolinks is $3.00 which [Competitor] can never even touch...."

Enkay Blog, "InfoLinks Beats Out [Competitor]"
"…Well, today when i logged into Infolinks, I came to realize that I have earned the same amount with Infolinks in one month than I did with [Competitor] in the entire year…."

Swollen Pickles, "Infolinks - it's time to believe the hype"
"…I'm happy to report that Infolinks has actually worked for me. It's making me money, and if it's working for me, then it can work for you too!…"

Life is colorful, "Infolinks Affiliate Program Can Make You Rich"
"…When [Competitor] and Infolinks were compared apple to apple in terms of revenue, Infolinks certainly went ahead by paying off almost 3-4 times of what you get from [Competitor]…"

foXnoMad, How To Make Money With Your Travel Blog
"…There are several competing in-text but I've found InfoLinks to be the most effective…"

Paul, B –, InfoLinks - 1 In-Text Advertising
Solution To Rule Them All

"…I'm seeing a consistent 3X increase in revenue by using the InfoLinks system. That's HUGE! If I could triple all my advertising income tomorrow I'd be a very happy boy! …"

Paul, B –, InfoLinks - Proof Of Payment
"…in their terms they say that payments are made with 30 days of month end, this one was received after 19 days…"

What's Up, "My Infolinks"
"…It's up for you to decide whether infolinks is rightful for you but for me, there's no question asked. I'll always be one of their proud publishers who will continue to shout out how excellent they are in the field of in-text advertising..."

Jeff Weisbein, "InfoLinks Review - In-Text Advertising"
"…I was thoroughly impressed once I started using their service, it's extremely simple to setup on your website, it provides detailed reports/summary's for every day, and it's pretty relevant for the most part…"

Sagar Shah, Infolinks Media Review
"…Infolinks shows targeted Link ads reflecting the sorts of information and services as my site visitors want. For a small business like mine, this is the best approach to advertising…"

db masters, Final Words (for now) Regarding InfoLinks
With the economic downturn, most every advertising platform has seen drops in revenue, but moving from [Competitor] to InfoLinks I have over doubled the average income I get from in text advertising.

Video Blogging Tips, Infolinks Review
"…As you may not earn as much with Infolinks as you would with a program like AdSense, it is still a nice way to supplement your income. In fact, if you don't know much about AdSense or where to place your ads / or maybe AdSense just isn't working for you, Infolinks may be an even better option for you anyway…"

Daily Pandora, Infolinks Experiment - My 30 days with Infolinks
"…I think Infolinks will be great even if you have AdSense on your site. It won't affect your AdSense and will only compliment your earnings. And if you don't take their word for it - you can test it for yourself …"

Life is Colourful, Optimize Your In-text Advertising Revenue with Infolinks
"…Am I in love with Infolinks? By the time you read the detailed analysis above, you might be thinking that I am in love with them. I can't deny that fact, and there is no reason why I should not. Especially when I talk about their quality of support team that gives personal attention to your queries and … almost immediately…"

Justin Cook, Infolinks is an excellent way to monetize your blog
"…So there are numerous ways to draw income on a website. Infolinks is by far the easiest that I've tried, and continues to generate regular revenue for me…"





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