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Internet banking is becoming increasingly popular as it allows you to carry out various banking transactions in the comfort and convenience of your home, office or wherever you may be before, during and after banking hours. However, there are still some customers who remain hesitant over online banking due to newspaper reports of internet banking scams such as "phishing" and "script editing".

Banks have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that their internet banking is safe for their customers, such as regular testing of the bank's systems, installation of firewalls and implementation of two-factor authentication. ABM, in collaboration with BNM, has also provided security tips in the bankinginfo booklet and website to educate customers on the use of internet banking.

Some of the security tips are:

    * Banks that offer internet banking services would not request customers to reveal or verify their PIN or passwords for whatever reason via e-mail or a hyperlink through the email or even by phone. Should you receive such an e-mail or a suspicious phone call asking you to enter your log-on details,
  1. you should not, under any circumstances, reveal your PIN or password to anyone;
  2. you should advise your bank immediately.
 * Before carrying out online banking transactions, you must ensure that you are in the legitimate website.

  * Always enter the URL of the website directly into the web browser and ensure that it begins with "https". You should also look for a display of a closed padlock symbol on the status bar of your browser. Verification of the website Digital Certificate is also recommended.
* Always use a personal firewall and ensure that you computer's anti-virus program is up-to-date. Do not access your bank account from computers in Internet cafes or unprotected PCs.
o Do not store your Login ID and password or PIN in the computer.
o Change your password or PIN regularly and avoid using easy-to-guess passwords.
o Do not leave your computer unattended when logged in.
  o Always remember to log-out properly when you have completed your banking transactions and    clear    the memory cache and transaction history after logging out.
   o Reconcile your account(s) either online or by statements frequently and regularly.
o Even as banks continue to promote internet banking services to their customers, they are mindful of their responsibility in providing a safe and secure banking environment for their customers. 






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